Hannah’s Reunion

By Ark Animal | October 9, 2014

We were so happy to be able to reunite a very sweet cat with her family yesterday! Hannah, a 6-year-old calico, occasionally slips out the front door. She always returned in less than an hour, but this time she was nowhere to be found. Her family looked all over the neighborhood that night, and for the next 2 weeks. They checked all the local places a lost cat might be taken: Animal Control, the local Humane Society, and several veterinarians in their area. They put the word out that Hannah was missing, but there was no response.

Yesterday, a woman working with a rescue organization brought in a calico cat to be examined, vaccinated, and spayed if necessary. The cat was very thin and infested with fleas, but very sweet. Just to make sure she was truly a stray, we scanned her for a microchip – to our surprise, a number popped up on the screen! After looking up the number, we discovered that she had a family, and contacted them.

Kelly, Hannah’s owner, was overjoyed when we told her that we had scanned a cat whose microchip traced back to her. She said Hannah had been missing for over 3 months! It will take a while for Hannah to get back to a normal weight, but with plenty of TLC she’ll be good as new. No one wants to think their pet would ever run off and get lost, but millions are lost every year. Thanks to her microchip, Hannah has been taken off that long list.


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

By Ark Animal | October 2, 2014

Women are reminded all month how important it is to have their yearly screenings, and to do monthly self exams. However, breast cancer isn’t just a human issue: it affects our canine companions too. About half the tumors found in female dogs are mammary tumors, and around 45% of these tumors are cancerous. The good news is we know a lot more about preventing breast cancer in dogs than we do in humans. By far, the most effective way to protect your female dog is to spay her, and earlier the better! Dogs spayed before their first heat cycle only have a 0.5% (1 in 200) chance of developing mammary cancer. Spaying between the first and second heat cycles results in a rate of 8% (2 in 25). After her second heat, a dog’s risk of mammary cancer goes up to 26% (1 in 4). However, it is never too late! Some breast cancer tumors (in dogs and humans alike) grow faster when hormones are present. This means that even if your dog already has a tumor, spaying her may slow or prevent the spread of  a potential cancer. As in humans, if a dog’s breast cancer spreads, it usually goes to the lymph nodes or lungs. Current chemotherapy treatments have not usually been effective. However, if canine mammary cancer is caught early (before it has an opportunity to spread), surgery is often curative. It’s easy to check your dog for breast cancer–just give her a thorough belly rub. If you feel any lumps or bumps schedule a visit with your vet soon. Dogs are a lot like us — early detection can make a big difference!

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Website Under Construction!

By Ark Animal | July 26, 2014

We apologize for any odd emails or updates you may be getting from us. We are in the process of updating our website, we hope to have it up and running as soon as possible! Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.


Ark Staff

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The American Cancer Society “Bark for Life” Event and “Hogs for the Dogs” Great Success

By Ark Animal Clinic | September 27, 2013

049 052 053 Sarah and Wylie show us their agility skills! 055 056 057 058 059 060 061 Juno 064 066 Sarah and Wylie 072 073 075 076 077 078 079 081 Zoey The photo contest winnerOn September 14th, 2013 – the Ark team participated in the American Cancer Society’s first Monroe “Bark for Life” event at the Monroe County Community College.  It was a beautiful sunny fall day! We raised over $170 at our booth and at the clinic for the cause! The whole event raise almost $1700.   There were talent events, food, vendor booths, etc.   We held a photo contest for cutest pets amongst our clients – with the winner being Mrs, Gerberding with “Zoey.”  We also were so happy to see one of our very own patients and clients have an agility demonstration – Sarah Straub and “Wylie.”  We are looking forward to participating again next year on the committee and at our booth!

September 14th was a busy day  – we also had another event hosted at the clinic. “Hogs for the Dogs” annual motorcycle ride had a stop at our clinic.  The riders were able to rest, tour the clinic and enjoy refreshments!  They raised money for the Humane Society of Monroe County.  What a great cause!


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The Ark Animal Clinic Team

By Ark Animal Clinic | September 27, 2013

We are so proud of our team! The Ark Clinic team – from Left to Right: Brian, Mindy, Kayla, Dr. Pogarch, Michelle, Peggy and Dennis. (Angie and Lisa not pictured).  We are happy to introduce our newest team members, Brian and Kayla. We look forward to many years of taking care of your pets!

Our Clinic Team

Our Clinic Team

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Traveling With Your Pet

By Ark Animal Clinic | June 4, 2013

Summer is here and that means Road trips and Vacations!  What do you do with your pets?

We recently received a very helpful suggestions from Jenny and a group of students from the Children’s Cancer Center of New Jersey that we would love to share with you for your summer travels. The website link is below:


Thanks Jenny and everyone at the Children’s Cancer Center of New Jersey!

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Trusted Website and Link

By Ark Animal Clinic | May 22, 2013

The internet can be a great source of information but it can also be full of misinformation.  We are happy to share a great website full of ACCURATE and TRUSTED information to you. Please check them out…..

www.PetHealthNetwork.com and “LIKE” them on Facebook, too.

Our clinic Facebook Page shares links and information on a timely basis for you as well. Make sure to “Like” our page to receive these important health updates, food recalls, and other important information for you and your pet.



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Exciting Vaccine News for Our Dog Patients!

By Ark Animal Clinic | April 1, 2013

We are proud to announce the arrival of a new vaccine development for a couple of our Canine vaccines. Boehringer Ingelheim (B.I.) has developed a line of “Ultra” vaccines that we have started using.  These vaccines are for the annual Leptospirosis vaccine line as well as the annual D.A.P vaccine  (Distemper-Adenovirus-Parvovirus). So what does this mean?

First, the volume of the vaccine is cut in half. from 1 ml to 0.5 ml. This allows for a more comfortable injection experience.  This is especially meaningful to our little patients, because the same vaccine is given to a 2# Chihuahua and a 200# Great Dane.

Second, the vaccines are made with special technology called, “PureFil,” which is designed to reduce vaccine reactions associated with extraneous proteins and cellular debris. This is especially important in the Lepto products in which it removes up to 75% of the proteins.

Vaccine reactions can be scary for owners and pets. At Ark Animal Clinic, we believe in providing our patients with the best vaccines we can offer for their pets.  In addition to our doctor’s training in veterinary school and further continuing education, we make decisions on the vaccines we use through careful research and education.   There is much more to vaccines than going to the local pet store or feed store and obtaining the cheapest “Distemper-Parvo” Vaccine available.  When your pet receives vaccinations at Ark Animal Clinic, you can firmly believe that your pet is receiving a vaccine that has been stored properly, handled properly, and also researched properly.

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“Doc, my dog will only eat the bacon, steak, ham, and eggs I cook him – is that OK?

By Ark Animal Clinic | March 26, 2013

With the extreme selection of pet food now available for our pets today, it can be very overwhelming to choose the best product and nutrition for your pet.  Some pet owners feel that the best for their pets is a home-cooked diet.  The best recommendation if a pet owner would like to pursue this venture for their pet, is to make sure that it is nutritionally balanced.

Reviews of home prepared diets have shown that fewer than half of them provide a complete and balanced source of nutrients. With this information, it is very important that the diet is developed by a veterinary nutritionist. It is vital that the macrominerals such as calcium and the trace minerals such as iodine, selenium, copper, and zinc are adequate. Other inadequate minerals and vitamins that are common is the essential fatty acids, and Vitamins E, D, and B12.  Many over the counter veterinary supplements do not provide enough for this. Also, many human vitamins can contain ingredients that can be harmful to pets. Some of these contain levels of Vitamin D and  Xylitol which are toxic to pets.

Nutrition deficienceies in pets can lead to a multitude of health complications. These can vary from poor skin and coat health to chronic diarrhe, bone disesase, anemia, pancreatitis, etc.

Pet nutrition is a vast and complex realm with many facets.  At Ark Animal Clinic, we strive to provide our pet owners with the best nutrition information and recommendations.  We feed our clinic pets and our own pets Hill’s Science Diet and Prescription Diet Pet Food.  We carry the Hill’s Prescription Diet line of food, as well as the new veterinary exclusive pet food line- Healthy Advantage.  Stop in to learn about these diets.


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What Do These Vaccines Prevent and Why Does My Dog Need them?

By Ark Animal Clinic | March 25, 2013

DAP or DHP  –




Vaccines are vital to the prevention of disease in pets and people.  At Ark Animal Clinic, we truly believe in the importance of keeping your pets healthy and preventing disease.


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